Catching up. ( Let me know what u would like to hear from a minor leaguer and what go’s on in our day)

Well it has been awile since my last post, and alot has happend since… I ended my season with the Great Lakes Loons by making my first apperence in an all star game in Clinton Iowa, I was promotted promtly after the all star break to our new AA affiliet the Chattanooga Lookouts and am now here with the team and trying to find the same success that i had earlier this year.


Before leaving midland our team cought fire there winning the last 10-11 games, That team is built to win and that indeed is starting to come around. I dont know if we just hadent believed earlyr this year  but it seemed like things just started to click and our team started to really take stride. More inpressively it seemed like everyone on the pitching staff was having a friendly competition for who was going to throw best, making our guys come out and really strive to shut down the oppsition. Not to mention our bats coming around like they had been, just more frequently in big situations, as a matter afact the last game we lost before the break i think fans thought it was over before they knew… we were down 9-2 in the 8th inning, when it seemed we would fold like before, things got interesting having us come back and score 6 leaving the tying run on 2nd base in the 9th. We didnt score but i think that game will set the pace for our second half due to now we believe we can play with anyone at anytime.


We didnt clinch a playoff spot in the first half i think due to the fact that we were to many games behind them when we cought our stride. There should be no reason that we cant continue our seccess in the second half and really make things hard for the league when were in town after the all star game break.


making the all star game this year was really cool. I have never made a minor league all atar game so it was really awesome to get the chance to go out and show my stuff against the best bats in the league. There were to many pitchers at the game and they wanted to get everyone in so i had the chance to throw to 2 batters and stuck out the first guy and got the second one to roll over into a ground out to short. Over all the event was a great time and we all got a chance to meet new guys from new teams and see what some of the others guys around the league were like. I look forward to my new challange in AA and look to keep you guys posted.



JG’s Daily Notes:


Shout-Out to a Fallen Comrade – Shouting out to my main casino buddy Joe Jones. Joe … i cant even come close to describing in one paragraph. He was a great teammate no other way of describing it, a man who would do anything in the world for you, whether it be an early ride to the field, a pregame game of big duece or a delicious late night snack, Joe was the man. He is missed in the Dodger’s clubhouse, but i know he will do just fine with whatever life throws his way.  


Congrats –  To my new roomate but not so new teamate. Matt Sartor, Sart piece was chosen to his first pro all star game as well. Hes a great bullpen guy with great stuff. Congrats and well earned roomie.


Did you know –  Farm Town on facebook is probably the coolest pass the time game created. look me up and become my neighbor. WARNING – its addicting


Movie of the Month- (I know its alittle old now but….) The Hangover, its rated R but if ur in the mood for a good ADULT Comedy, its definitly worth your time. Check it out … let me know what u think.




    Congrats on the move up to aa ball.We miss you in midland If you ever pass back threw town hit me up.Good luck make us proud.

    Matt beaver

  2. loyalblue4

    Hello Javy, I want to thank you for taking on the role of minor league insider. In my head it is so romantic to play baseball for a living. In reality I’m guessing it really isn’t so until you hit the bigs. I attend 30-40 games a year at Dodgers Stadium but I have never been to a minor league game. Maybe you could describe to me what it is really like to play AA ball. Do you ride busses? Luxury coaches? Do you watch movies on board? Is everyone just texting and in their own world? Do you go out to eat together? Do you get to pick your own roommate? Who has a nice stadium? What makes a great teammate? What behavior is really annoying? What did you envision life would be like? Is it close? What is different from A to AA ball? Anyway, you asked for ideas, I hope this helps.


    First off congrats Javy on your promotion to AA!! and exciting news to hear that you will be out in AZ for the fall league!! i will for sure be out there to catch some of the games!!

    But yea… It was a sad day Jonesy was released! but hey it gives him more time to spend with the wife up in WA!! like you said he will be fine with what ever he ends up doing!! he is a good guy and I (as i am sure all of you in the clubhouse) wish him well in what ever he does!!

    Sartor is a beast and has played very well this year and for sure earned his spot on the All Star roster!! has to be some good times being his roomie! he is one funny M.F. !!

    How’s Chattanooga compared to being up with Great Lakes?? is the weather nicer out there?? Is it nice seeing some of the old faces from last year with the 66ers that you weren’t seeing while playin with the loons??

    Keep busy and playing strong and make that push for the playoffs!!


    Hey Javy… I was just browsing the blogs and found you. = ) Im a SUPER DUPER Dodger fan and I thought it was just funny how you are addicted to Farmville! lol So post your email so I can find you.. there were a few under Javy Guerra… = )

    Hope to see you in AZ or Dodgers Stadium soon!


    Hey bro just came by to see how your doing. Cant wait to see you next month the kids are going to be cheering for you manana we all have the game ready!!! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MUCHO!!!! Take care que dios te bendiga!!!(mas) besitos.

  6. bostonredsoxgirl46

    I really love minor league baseball because I love the prospects. It’s hard enough to get my friends to go to MLB games with me, but none of them want to go to minor league games with me–especially because I sit there taking notes and pretending I’m a scout haha. I was lucky enough to be able to talk to one of my favorite Red Sox pitching prospects, Michael Bowden, over the summer, and I learned so much. It really means a lot to us fans when when you guys talk to us. It was the best moment for me as a baseball fan.
    Anyway, I was wondering… when did you know that you wanted to play baseball. Did you ever try to emulate pitchers growing up? Regardless of whether or not you did, who was your favorite pitcher, and who is your baseball role model?

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