Opening day …….. finally Here

 Well it finally came… it was opening day yesterday and wow, we we couldnt have had a better game as a team. We opened up the season with a bang by beating the Dayton Dragons (Reds Affiliate) 14-3. Offensively we coudlnt have asked for more. There were 3 homeruns and 17 hits sprayed all over the field. On the other end our pitching was key with our starter Jon Michael Redding going 5 2/3 solid innings.


Arriving, I didnt know what to expect because when we landed it was a cool 30 degrees with scatters of snow as our flight was hitting the runway. As we proceeded to get everything settled in at our park located in Midland Mishigan ( The Great lake Loons ) we were warned that the weather was not getting much better. Infact, they knew that the weathers so cold that they provided us with leggings, cold gear longsleeves and beenies. Once we had our pictures taken for the programs and made sure everything fit, we hit the field for batting practice ….. or so we thought. Well thuth is we had to wait a bit because of a small snow storm, but for someone who hasnt seen snow in about 5yrs (me), I thought it was a blizzard. Once we hit the field it was time to get going and we stretched and tried to get aquainted with the cold. The hitters took batting practice and the pitchers threw some sides to get ready for opening day. 


With everything else aside it looks like we have a great team assembled for our fans in Midland. We seem to have a balance of powerful hitters that also hit for avg, and a strong, experienced pitching staff.  In my years as a minor leaguer, I’ve never won a league championship. I’m not much of a prophet, but this team appears to have been assembled for one thing, and one thing only; winning. There are many players who have played at higher levels and many others who surely will quickly. Most of the team understands that if we control what we control, and play hard each game, good things will happen. 

I’ll Keep you posted on my debut this year as our closer. After a stong spring I was expecting to be sent somewhere else. However I was sent down to play with the Loons, and I’m looking foward to making the best of the situation. I’m looking to grow from the experience and learn how to be a closer. I’ll see what that takes, day in and day out. Go Loons. 




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    G. Schafe

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