missing in action

Sorry ive been late with the entrys everyone … just had alot on my plate the last couple of days. Between the hotel’s internet being slow and kicking people off every 5 min (due to 200 minor league baseball players logging on every minite of the day to kill time on the World Wide Web to stay in contact with friends, family and significant others) ive had the pleasure of welcoming my Older sisters new healthy twin children ( boy and Girl – Mark and Riahnna). I also saw my hotel get evacuated with a fire scare that caused two floors of players to have to be moved to another hotel due to flooding from the small fire started in a random room on our 4th floor.


My time missing in action has not just limited me to the computer unfortunatly. I have also missed alittle time on the field due to a torn finger nail. I know of all things you prepair for its the little things that end up having me miss time. This was coused by the way i hold my fastball, i like to really hold the ball nice and tight with my index finger but my middle finger is the one who takes alot of the torque witch really puts alot of stress on my nails. And if u are like me and if your nails are soft and brittle they can eventually break and or tear. With that being said you can amagin how often this can happen concidering we work on fastballs 90% of the time in spring, Fixing the solution is quite easy and funny. Its Simple… get your nails done! You have to apply a soft film that act like a fake nail  They simply cut out the appropreate size and apply a nail hardner. This takes 10 seconds and ur fixed just as long as you dont have a blister under the nail., i threw my first bullpin today with no problems and look forward to get into games starting this weekend.



JG’s Daily Notes:

Shout-Out to a Fallen Comrade – Tony Harper ,not only was  harp known for as a big strong lefty power hitting catcher but harp was also the only guy i know of and have been told that could deal with and or compeate with my snoring haha. Harp you the man hope all is well and stay up


Congrats- as you can imagine, to the dodgers for signing Manny. In 53 games with the Dodgers last season, Ramirez hit .396 with 17 home runs and 53 RBIs 


Movie of the week – I love you man. While here bored in spring training the big league PR staff set up a private screaning of the movie for us and its a no stop laugh for anyone who loved “Forgetting sarah marshal” and the “40 yr old vergin”   


  1. ramslover

    Javy I look forward to your posts….I am good friends with Busty and he says good things about you. I live in Allen Texas so we are practically neighbors…I followed you with the Beachboys and you pitched well…Good luck with your conversion to relief pitching and it sounds as if you have what it takes to be a future closer…mid 90s fastball and working on a change….

    Enjoy the twins!!! Congrats to your sister!

  2. bent13

    I’m a 14 year old from Rochester, NY and I was wondering if you could sign an autograph for me.

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